In January 2016 a purpose built Montessori Preschool Centre opened, catering for children aged one to 6 years in Bourkelands, Wagga Wagga.

The Centre offers a unique and exciting addition to the existing range of mainstream child care centres in Wagga, as it will be the only authentic Montessori preschool curriculum based early learning facility in the region.

Montessori Children’s House Wagga is a preschool that provides a modern yet authentic Montessori curriculum, using Montessori practices and principles. These principles blend perfectly with the Early Learning Years Framework (EYLF). Our centre actively supports the Montessori Australia Foundation and their quality accreditation process.

Both the indoor and outdoor learning environments have been specifically designed to cater to the Montessori educational palette and is the first of its kind in Wagga. The Centre features Montessori specific design spaces based on evidence that supports individual child specific development and learning.

Montessori Preschool provides an outstanding education and care program for young children aged one year to school age. One room is dedicated to cater for children aged 12 to 24 months, another dedicated to the early learning age group of 2-3.5 years with two additional larger classrooms dedicated to preschool aged children 3-6 years.

Modern research supports the Montessori philosophy as it focuses on the individual child and their natural cognitive growth through several stages of development. Evidence in early childhood recognises the importance of the first six years of life. By opening your mind to Montessori, you are providing a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Our preschool centre is different to typical mainstream centres, a difference our passionate educators are very proud of. When you step inside our environment you will be greeted by children working purposefully and happily with each other and educators, you will feel the calm and peaceful environment and you will see an environment that is beautifully presented using every day materials you will find in your own home, not plastic.

Features of a Montessori Education

Unique features of the Montessori educational philosophy include:

  • Children learn at their own pace and follow their own interest as individualised programs are based on intrinsic motivation and independent learning;
  • Children teach themselves using materials specially prepared for the purpose;
  • Understanding comes through the child’s own experiences via the materials and the promotion of children’s ability to find things out for themselves;
  • Concrete and self-correcting teaching materials are used across five curriculum areas;
  • Learning is based on physical exploration and cognition and based on self-discipline and responsibility;
  • Mixed age groups reflective of a real family/community life;
  • Working and learning is matched to the social development of the child;
  • Education addresses all aspects of growth: cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual;
  • The Preschool Curriculum covers all EYLF and NQF learning areas; and
  • The teacher works in collaboration with the child, with individual or small group sessions.

Why choose a Montessori teaching method?

“Following the child is perhaps one of the most important philosophies of Montessori education. By providing work that challenges and nurtures the child, the teacher experiences insight into the way each individual learns through observation and gentle guidance only when necessary”

Overall, what makes our method of learning so different compared to the conventional form of education we have today, is that the teacher does not stand in front of the class and teach each child the same lesson all at once. Each child is allowed to learn at his own pace in a way where he feels as though he is in fact not learning or being taught.

Montessori called this way of teaching “preparing the child for success”. The teacher is there to guide the child through small exercises in which the child will succeed. Through time, the exercises rise in difficulty but because the progression is so well planned out, the child never feels as though learning is a struggle.

Our Learning environments and programs

Our educational programming is tailored to each child’s individual needs. The Montessori method encourages freedom with limits and sets children up for success in making positive choices. Children desire independence and freedom to discover life on their own but need boundaries to help them feel safe.

Our state of the art centre inspires a love of learning under the guidance of specially trained teachers. Our staff actively encourage parent and community involvement to support the all-round needs of the child.

Each classroom environment encourages children’s natural desire for independence and the development of self-esteem and is equiped with age appropriate resources and materials. With multi aged groupings children exist in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring. Montessori children develop kindness, courtesy and self-discipline through peer support and a family like environment.

The outdoor area is an extension of the indoor with specially prepared materials and the opportunity to care for the garden and develop an awareness of the natural environment.

Both the indoor and outdoor areas are set up to help young children engage in activities that promote

  • Independence
  • Positive self-concept
  • Exploration
  • Co-ordination
  • Movement
  • Creativity
  • Social development
  • Concentration
  • Order
  • Refinement of the senses
  • Written and oral language skills
  • Understanding of mathematical concepts